Q. Who is eligible for membership in the Club?
A. In general terms, anyone with a relationship with the University of Saskatchewan. That includes all U of S Alumni and all university employees. Check out our Who Can Join page.

Q. How much are membership dues? 
A. Less than a cup of coffee a day!  $29.93 per month or $359.10 per year. (Pro-Rates Available)

For University employees, your dues can be deducted monthly by Payroll.  When the primary use of the Club is related to University business purposes, up to 100% of your dues may be reimbursable.

Q. What are the advantages of becoming a member? 
A. Many!  Lunch is served in the dining room and on the patio Monday to Friday and the four meeting rooms are available to members during service hours at no charge.  Come for drinks during the week either in our comfortable lounge or on the patio.  We design our Member Events for members and their guests. Some events include: Family Holiday Brunches, Wine Maker Dinners, Dinner Theatre with Greystone Theatre, Wine Tastings and much, much more!  You can see some of our past events if you check out our past newletters. 

Q. I have heard that the University Club has exceptional catering services, do I have to be a member to utilize that?
A. The University Club is a private members’ Club, and as such all services are designed and available to our members (remember: any U of S alumni or employee can be a member). If you are not eligible for your own membership, you may have your event sponsored by a member (Just ask us, I’ll bet you already know someone), but in any event call us at the office and we can help you with your plans.

Q. Can I use my membership at other clubs?
A. Yes, as a member of our club you automatically receive reciprocal privileges (including the ability to bill back to your University Club account). University Club members can also access over 100 other university based clubs worldwide through the Association of College and University Clubs www.acuclubs.org. There are clubs as close to home as the University Club at the University of Regina to far away clubs such as Harvard in the United States and campus based clubs in Europe and Australia. Some clubs within the association have amazing services such as overnight accommodation, golf courses, conference facilities, swimming pools and more. A card of introduction from us may be necessary to visit some clubs, and these are issued upon request from our office. Call (306)966-7775 for more information.

Another amazing benefit is access to the International Club Network (ICN) www.privaccess.com. ICN is a virtual club for members of private clubs of all types throughout the world. Members are provided with privileges, benefits and exceptional service at some of the finest private clubs in the world.

Q. How do I get a copy of your catering package and do I have to order based on that?
A. Contact our office for a current copy or download it from our website. Our catering package has extensive options but we love to customize menus specifically for your event. Give us a call and let us know your plans and we will work with you to ensure your event is exactly what you imagine. Email university.club@usask.ca or call 306.966.7775 to inquire.

Q. I’ve never planned an event before. Can you help me with some of the other details for my upcoming function?
A. Yes, we would be happy to share the names or some of our favorite vendors (florists, photographers, musicians, wedding cake designers etc.).