Friday July 21st 2017
Today's Soup
Squash & Broccoli Cheddar (*)(gf)
Today's Menu
Tandori Chicken (gf)
Beef Satay
Chicken Vegetable Stew (gf)
Cauliflower & Chickpea Curry (*)(gf)
Rice (*)(gf)
Roasted Vegetables (*)(gf)
Vegetarian (*) Gluten Free (gf)

In a hurry?  Just ask your Server for a container to-go!
Call (306)966-7775 to make a Reservation

Hot Buffet: $17.95

Cold Buffet: $14.95

Vegetarian Meal: $9.95 
Includes one Vegetarian Hot Option and all Cold vegetarian options available

Take With You
Make your Own Sandwich & Veggies - $6.95
Soup to Go: $6.95
Build an Entree Salad: $9.00
Hot Buffet Selection: $14.00
Soup & Cold Selection : $9.00